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HuffPo Feature Article: Producer/Musician/Singer-Songwriter Kid Tarri


This is a musical career that was originally born from the punk-rock strewn streets of London under the tutelage of Malcolm McLaren that then spanned to Los Angeles where he was then groomed by legendary Bill Graham. "Bill had us touring endlessly up and down the West Coast - an amazing experience that was his way of turning out professional performers. To this day I can still see his influence in top artists", reminisces Kid (The Boys, The Rage, and Trash Wednesday). It's this experience that also led to working with numerous bands as well as the TV show "The Making of the Band" developing performances to a pro level. "I use so much of what I learned from Bill and from hundreds of audiences to help artists really connect with fans in a real way".


He has in recent years turned a stronger focus to Producing. His first foray ever into the world of production was a trial by fire completion of an album. After a string of production teams had come and gone, Kid was able to take miles of nearly abandoned tape and turn it into the magic known as “Tragic Kingdom” – the now legendary No Doubt’s debut album.


In between his own touring and recording schedule with Trash Wednesday, Kid has worked with artists across the globe in the U.K., Berlin, Spain, and Italy. Recent projects include Lady Gaga, The Caesars, The Ting Tings, K.T. Tunstall, and Die Antwoord. Also, along with Hear Music, he has produced over 100 releases for Starbucks that included the Grammy winning Ray Charles' CD “Genius Loves Company” and John Lennon's “Remember” in collaboration with Yoko Ono. Kid is also partnered with Mix Producer Jon Gass (Joss Stone, The Game, Celine Dion, Patti LaBelle, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston) and together they have formed a production team dedicated to the development of up and coming artists.


With his band Trash Wednesday, Kid hit #1 on College Radio's National Album Chart (topping bands such as Old 97's and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) for the album Absinthe Mind; also hitting  #1 on National Video Charts for their take on The Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. Their latest release "Kamikaze Rock n' Roll Suicide" currently has over 1 Million Views online.


Kid won the International Song Contest for his song about homelessness called “How Many Miles”. Other awards include Best Score and Best Composer – Screamfest Awards and a Brit Award. Kid is also on the advisory board for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, a voting member of NARAS, and a composer for Universal Publishing Production Music.


- M. Ragogna/The Huffington Post

Kid Tarri is the lead singer and producer of Trash Wednesday and owner of Bantam Studios
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